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Service and Support

For all of our geosynthetic products, we guarantee a service life of not less than 50 years. Within 15 years after the product is put into operation, if any quality-related failure occurs, please contact us. We guarantee a communication with you within 24 hours (for engineering failures due to other reasons, we will also provide service and technical support).

Quality Assurance
High quality special materials are adopted in our production. They are all sourced from subsidiaries of Sinopec, such as QPEC, Yangzi Petrochemical Company, Beijing Yanshan Company, etc.
1. On a regular basis or as per your request, we entrust national testing agencies to conduct quality inspections.
2. Strictly in accordance with the ISO9001-2000 international quality system standard, we monitor and manage the whole process throughout production, quality testing, and measurement to ensure product quality.
3. For quality-related construction delay or substandard construction (except for damage or losses due to customer's responsibility or irresistible natural disasters), we have refunding, replacement, and repair services. We will respond to customers' feedbacks on quality issues within 24 hours.

After-Sales Service
1. In order to provide customers with comprehensive technical support, we will provide technical and other related information upon request in a timely manner.
2. If required, we will appoint specialized technicians to the construction site to give technical trainings to construction people, and offer technical guidance throughout the whole construction process.
3. For damage due to shipment and delivery, after we receive the complaint, we will check the issue through provided pictures and videos. If our responsibility is confirmed, we will offer free replacement.
4. When the construction is completed, as per your request, our technical staff may participate in the final acceptance.