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Company Tour

Our company is located in the production base of geosynthetic materials in China-Economic Development Zone of Ling County, Shandong. We are a leading enterprise specialized in the production of geotechnical synthetic materials. We have obtained ISO9001:2008 and ISO14001 certificates.

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Overview of Hongxiang Industrial Park
Hongxiang industrial park covers an area of 800 acres, with 4 well-planned function areas:
a. northwest area: production of railway, subway and building waterproof materials, mainly the base cloths, polymer self-adhesive waterproof coils, and bridge deck waterproofing materials.
b. southwest area: production of high-end waterproof materials, mainly the cutting-edge high-end waterproof sheets, filament woven geotextile, geomembrane bags, TPO geomembranes.
c. northeast area: production of railway engineering new developments, drains, geogrids and other reinforcement products.
d. southeast area: production of filter, reinforcement, intelligent geotextiles.

Product Display and Engineering Models

Our equipment is involved in the following areas:
a. bitumen self-adhesive waterproofing;
b. polymer self-adhesive waterproofing;
c. filament weaving;
d. geofabriform;
e. geocell;
f. high speed needle punching;
g. PE embedded parts;
h. warp-knitted reinforced geotextile.

The newly equipped is a production line for spunbond continuous filament geotextile, with an annual output of 5,000 tons. On a daily basis, it is capable of 30,000 square meters of thermal lamination, as well as the production of millions of meters of rubber sealing strip. The line is a great plus to our supply capacity.

Testing Instrument

Finished Products and Storage
Our inventory management mechanism eliminates unnecessary stock and improves the accounting system. The warehouse also gets a brand new look. Even in case of limited allowance of stock, we still achieve a neat and categorized placement. The clear classification ensures smooth delivery.