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Corporate Strength

1. Large Production Scale
The new Hongxiang industrial park covers an area of 800 acres, with 4 well-planned function areas:
a. northwest area: production of railway, subway and building waterproof materials, mainly the base cloths, polymer self-adhesive waterproof coils, and bridge deck waterproofing materials.
b. southwest area: production of high-end waterproof materials, mainly the cutting-edge high-end waterproof sheets, filament woven geotextile, geomembrane bags, TPO membranes.
c. northeast area: production of railway engineering new developments, drains, geogrids and other reinforcement products.
d. southeast area: production of filter, reinforcement, intelligent geotextiles.

The newly equipped is a production line for anti-sticking filament geotextile, with an annual output of 5,000 tons. On a daily basis, it is capable of 30,000 square meters of thermal lamination, as well as the production of millions of meters of rubber sealing strip. The line expands the platform for our sales staff to gain greater wealth. The extra 300 million yuan of output value is a great plus to our supply capacity.

2. Unique Product Strategies
a. In China, the demanding national project of South-to-North Water Diversion is daunting to most geo material manufacturers. However, our supply, which is more than 10 million square meters of various geosynthetics, accounting for 70% of the total annual consumption of the project.
b. With excellent construction quality, we won the bid of the industrial waterproofing project of Datang Energy Chemical Company. Our 8m wide ANSI geomembrane and 4m wide horizontal drainage geonet, in a total value of 40 million, opened up the tremendous domestic seepage control market.
c. EVA waterproof sheet has obtained long-term export contracts and attracted many overseas customers.
d. In China, there are only two manufacturers who are qualified for the production of high strength geotextiles dedicated for high speed rails. We are proud to be one of the two.
e. By intensive design and construction services, we won the environmental seepage control projects of PetroChina and CNOOC.
f. 2.5 mm, 3.0 mm ultra thick waterproof sheets are well-received by customers.

3. Quality-Oriented Brand Building
Quality is the life of enterprise. Our supply to the project of South-to-North Water Diversion include geotextiles, geomembranes and geocomposites. Dozens of sessions are involved in the precise combination, and any detail that goes wrong will result in failure of the whole work. Eventually, we overcame all the difficulties and became the top supplier for the project.

Salt lake requires the highest level of watertight capability of waterproof materials. Our production line tests each piece of product again and again to ensure zero defects. We have successfully supplies more than three million square meters of geotechnical materials to salt pans, and participated in anti-seepage projects in Laos.

4. Reasonable Inventory Management System
By recycling used packages, scraps, and wastes, our elaborate inventory management system minimizes generation of waste and maximizes the effectiveness. The factory also gets a clean look.

Our inventory management mechanism eliminates unnecessary stock and improves the accounting system. The appearance of the warehouse is also significantly improved. Even in case of limited space, we still achieve a neat and categorized placement. The clear classification ensures smooth delivery. We have strict inspection on workshop consumption and finished product stock, reducing workshop waste.

5. Standard Production and Management
We regard the relationship between listing and business management as a mutually supportive one. Sound management guarantees the listing and the standard of listed company will promote business management.

Over the years, our strict management identifies us as a standardized, rigorous and reliable company. We are a modern powerful large enterprise with assured scale, quality, and safety, thereby contributing to the expansion of business. We have passed the Ten Central Certification, ISO 14000 certification and CRCC certification.

6. Excellence Culture and Team Building
Our success is rooted in our dream and hard work. The culture is the invisible force that activates our team spirit, cohesiveness, execution and creativity, enhancing our core competitiveness.

We invested more than 600,000 yuan on staff training last year, to help our employees do a better job. The morning meetings and kick-off meetings are happy starts of daily work. Better execution, better results.

Our core value-safe, sound, pleasant, is embodied in our customer care, which helps us grow on the market. We are committed to the mission of sharing abundance with employees, making customers feel at home, and assuring the safety of projects.