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Geocomposite Drain

The geocomposite drain is formed by wrapping the plastic core with filter cloth. The plastic core takes thermoplastic synthetic resin as the main raw material. Since the geocomposite sheet drain has a triplanar structure, it is prominent with a porosity of 80-95%. Its compression resistance is 10 times stronger than that of tubular resin. In addition, this geocomposite drainage sheet is characterized by structural flexibility, light weight, and adaptability to construction on curved spot.

Our geocomposite drain comes in many structural forms, including rectangular, hollow rectangular, round, hollow round, etc:
1. Circular shape size: Φ50, Φ70, Φ80
2. Rectangle shape size: 70×30mm, 120×35mm, 300×35mm, 400×35mm.

1. Drainage of tunnel, highway roadbed, railway roadbed.
2. Soft bed disposal.
3. Retaining wall filtration.
4. Drainage of slope, underground building.
5. Drainage of lawn, roof garden.
6. Sewage disposal, landfill.

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