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The gabion, also know as stone cage wire mesh, is a new kind of ecological grid structure. It is prominent with high economic efficiency and easy construction without asking for special technologies. The gabion construction has the following features:

1. Strong ability to withstand natural damage, corrosion and bad weathers.
2. Ability to bear large scope deformation and does not collapse.
3. The slush between stone gap in gabion helps with plant growth and goes with natural surroundings.
4. Good permeability: avoid the damage caused by fluid static force.
5. Save transport costs: can be folded for transportation and assembled on site.
6. Fast construction progress, short deadlines: simultaneous multiple group construction, parallel, in-line production.

1. Mesh size: 60×80mm, 80×100mm, 80×120mm, 100×120mm, 120×150mm
2. Wire diameter: 3 diameters for mesh wire, side wire, bind wire respectively
3. Size: customizable as per your request

The gabion basket is an eco-friendly engineering structure that has become the first choice worldwide for river bed protection, as well as control on landslide, debris flow and rock fall. It is widely used in transportation, water conservancy, municipal, landscape, soil and water conservation projects.

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