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The geomat is a triplanar geonet used for earth fixing and grass planting. The structure resembles the loofah web. Being loose and flexible, it leaves 90% of the space to be filled with soil, gravel and small stones.

Plant roots can go through the tri-geonet. The net facilitates comfortable, clean, and balanced plant growth. The grown turf will bond the geomat, the soil surface and itself firmly together. Because plant roots can reach as deep as 30-40cm below the surface, the bonding forms a solid green composite protective layer. The layer can withstand high-level, high-velocity water erosion.

1. EM2, EM3, EM4, EM5
2. Width: 2m
3. Length: as per your request
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An alternative to concrete, asphalt, stone and other slope materials, mainly used for road, railway, channel, dam and other slope protection.

Production Standard
GB/T18744-2001, Geosynthetics-Plastic Three Dimensional Erosion Control Mat

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