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The geonet is a geosynthetic material made from thermoplastic resin and anti-UV additives, with surface in square, diamond, and hexagon grid shapes. It is characterized by excellent resistance to aging and corrosion.

CE121, CE131, CE151, DN1, HF10

1. Highway, railway roadbed: effectively distribute the load, improve the bearing capacity and stability of the foundation, and prolong roadbed life.
2. Landslides prevention, soil and water protection, landscaping.
3. Reservoirs, dams: effectively prevent collapse.
4. Coastal engineering: give full play to its flexibility and permeability to cushion the impact of waves.

Production Standards
1. GB/T19470-2004, Geosythetics-Plastic Geonet
2. JT/T 513-2004, Geosynthetics in Highway Engineerings—Geonets and Geomats

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