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Polyester Geogrid

The polyester geogrid is a new high-quality reinforcement material made from PET fiber by warp knitting after special impregnation treatment. In applications, the PETgeogrid shows great affinity with soil or gravel, and plays a significant role in enhancing soil shear strength, integrity and bearing capability. The advantages include:

1. high tensile strength and tear strength;
2. low aspect intensity ratio;
3. UV resistant, wear resistant;
4. corrosion resistant;
5. light weight.

Our polyester geogrid comes in 25-25, 30-30, 50-50, 80-80, 100-100, 120-120, 150-150, 200-200kN. Welcome to contact us.

1. Soft soil roadbed reinforcement in highway, railway and municipal road, effectively improving the strength of roadbed and slowing down reflective cracking.
2. Reinforcement and separation of dams and river courses, improving bearing capacity and stability of soft soil base.
3. Roadbed slope reinforcement, retaining wall reinforcement, enhancing the overall strength.

Production Standard
JT/T 480-2002, Geosynthetics in the Traffic Engineerings-Geogrid

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