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Fiber-glass Geogrid

The fiber-glass geogrid is made from GE fiber by advanced weaving technology and special coating treatment. With improved overall performance, it is a new superior geotextile substrate.

The fiber-glass geogrid has high strength, low elongation, light weight, good resistance to high temperature and corrosion. This pavement mesh serves as a reinforcement material for the road surface, dispersing road stress and preventing fatigue crack, thermal crack and reflective crack. It prolongs the road life.

25-25, 30-30, 50-50, 80-80, 100-100, 120-120kN

1. Asphalt overlay on old cement concrete road surface: asphalt reinforcement to control surface subsidence.
2. Cement concrete road reconstruction into composite road: inhibit reflective crack caused by plate contraction.
3. Road extension project: preventing crack caused by uneven subsidence of old and new parts.
4. Reinforcement of soft soil base: conducive to the consolidation of soft soil, effectively inhibit the settlement, uniform stress distribution, and enhance the overall strength of the roadbed.
5. New road semi-rigid base shrinkage crack: the foundation reinforcement can prevent reflective cracks on road surface due to shrinkage crack.

Production Standard
JC 893.1-1998, Glass Fiber Geogrid, Part 1, Glass Fiber Geogrid in Bituminous Pavement

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