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Steel-Plastic Composite Geogrid

The steel-plastic composite geogrid is a geosythetic material made of PE and carbon steel by extrusion technology after anti-flaming and anti-static treatment.

Thishigh strength geogrid has excellent anti-flame, anti-rust, anti-corrosion and anti-static properties. In addition, the elongation of mesh belt is small, and the force is evenly distributed, which can effectively inhibit the formation of net bag.

1. Width 2-4m, length as per your request.
2. The pulling strength of single mesh belt is not less than 4000N.
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1. Used as protective shield in layered mining of thick and ultra thick coal seams, preventing gangue fleeing and supporting tunnel.
2. Used for tunnel, highway slope protection
3. Supporting and anchoring in seismic reinforcement of buildings, infrastructure and other structural members.

Production Standard
Q/LHX 03-2009, Steel-Plastic Composite Geogrid in Coal Mining

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