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PP Geogrid for Coal Mine

The PP geogrid for coal mine is made from PP and fire retardant additive by antistatic technology. The grid mesh is formed by warp knitting. The tensile strength of a single mesh belt is greater than 200MPa.

The coal mine geogrid is excellent in overall performance. Being characterized by strong bearing capacity, it will not be unraveled by heavy load shock, resulting in net bags. In addition, the mining geogrid has good flame retardant and antistatic properties, as well as advantages of being resistant to alkali corrosion and aging. It can be widely used on false roof, tunnel and protective shield to improve the safety.

1. Width: 2m-4m
2. Length: as per your request

1. Used as false roof and protective shield in layered mining of thick coal seams, also as support material for tunnels such as anchor tunnel, support tunnel, and shotcrete tunnel.
2. Used as anchoring and strengthening material in mine tunnel engineering, side slope protection, underground civil engineering, road traffic engineering. Our PP geogrid for coal mine is the best alternative to plastic braid net and steel wire net.

Production Standards
Q/LHX 04-2009, Plastic Net Protecting Top-Plane in Coal Mining

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