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Reinforced Geogrid

The reinforced geogrid is made of steel-plastic straps by innovative technology. It has coarse pattern on the surface and can withstand enormous stress and friction with earth fills. In soil reinforcement, the geocomposite limits side extrusion and uplift of foundation soil, as well as the lateral displacement of roadbed. The effect is sound and durable.

Also, the reinforced geogrid provides solutions to disadvantages of ordinary geogrid, such as weak peel strength, easy crack at welding spots, bit role in preventing lateral displacement, and construction difficulties.

1. Biaxial common type: GSZ30-30, GSZ40-40, GSZ50-50, GSZ60-50, GSZ60-50, GSZ80-80 and so on.
2. Biaxial special type: GDZ50-30, GDZ60-40, GDZ80-30, GDZ80-40, GDZ60-40 and so on.

1. Soft soil foundation reinforcement in highway, railway, bridge, wharf, dam and slag disposal pit.
2. Retaining wall and roadbed anti-crack projects.

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