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Biaxial Plastic Geogrid

The biaxial plastic geogrid is made from polymer and nano-scale carbon black by extrusion method. The grid mesh size is uniform. This geosynthetic material shows great tensile strength along both transverse and longitudinal directions.

In soil, the structure of this reinforcement material forms an ideal chain system for effective assumption and dispersion of forces. It applies to permanent foundation reinforcement of large areas, such as large airports, parking lots, garages and piers, as well as a variety of dam roadbed, slope, and tunnel wall.

1. TGSG1515, TGSG2020, TGSG2525, TGSG3030, TGSG3535, TGSG4040, TGSG4545, TGSG5050, TGSG6060, etc.
2. Width: 2m-6m

The biaxial plastic geogrid is mainly used to:
1. improve roadbed bearing capacity, and prolong roadbed life.
2. prevent road collapse and crack, keeping the ground neat.
3. reinforce soil slope, and prevent soil erosion;
4. support slope planting mat for landscaping;
5. replace metal mesh used in coal mine.

Production Standards
1. GB/T17689-2008, Geosynthetics-Plastic Geogrids
2. JT/T 480-2002, Geosynthetics in the Traffic Engineerings-Geogrid

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