1. Geotextile-Geomembrane CompositesThe geotextile-geomembrane composite is a flexible geotechnical composite consisting of nonwoven geotextile and PE/PVC geomembrane. In addition to separation, drainage, reinforcement and protection, the composite geomembrane also functions for enclosing and waterproofing purposes.
    1. Waterproof and Breathable GeomembraneThe waterproof and breathable geomembrane is made from PP nonwoven material, polymer microporous breathable film, and grid stiffener rib through advanced lamination technology. The hydrophilicity realizes excellent breathability, ensuring the durability and life of the material.
    1. Self-adhesive GeomembraneMoreover, the laminated self-adhesive geomembrane is not particular about the condition of the base. Even on moist or uneven base surface, the construction can still be carried out without base coat and pretreatment.
    1. Composite Drainage Geomembrane

      Liquids and gases can go freely through it. It is characterized by being resistant to chemical corrosion, plant roots puncture and has the advantage of simple installation.

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    1. Geosynthetic Clay Layer

      The geosynthetic clay layer is a new geocomposite, made from two layers of geotextiles with natural sodium in between. It shares all the characteristics of geotechnical ...

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    1. Waterproof Geomembrane with Self-adhesive LayerBenefited from the double endowments of polymer membranes and self-adhesive membranes, this civil engineering waterproof cover has significantly improved puncture resistance, weatherability, self-healing capability, and temperature resistance.
    1. TPO GeomembraneThe TPO geomembrane is a thermoplastic polyolefin composite waterproof membrane liner based on Xavan product. It is an ideal geocomposite for waterproof projects.

The purpose of making geocomposites is to combine the best features of different materials to achieve the optimal benefits at minimum cost. Thus, the benefit/cost ratio is maximized. There are five basic roles played by geocomposite liners: separation, reinforcement, filtration, drainage, and containment. Geocomposites are increasingly prominent in geotechnical engineering.