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TPO Geomembrane

The TPO geomembrane is a thermoplastic polyolefin composite waterproof membrane liner based on Xavan product. It is an ideal geocomposite for waterproof projects. The features include:

1. Light weight, anti-aging, high strength (puncture resistance, tear resistance, rooting resistance), eco-friendly and easy for construction.
2. Good flexibility and service performance under temperature between -45℃ to 95℃.
3. Excellent binding power under low temperature, hard to peel and delaminate.

1. Thickness: 0.5mm
2. Width: 2m-4m
3. Length: as per your request

The TPO geomembrane applies to:
1. Fish pond, stream, swimming pool.
2. Aquiculture.
3. Golf course, ski field, artificial lake.
4. Landfill, waste water treatment.
5. Artificial wetland.
6. Water conservancy project.
7. Municipal project.
8. Agriculture (channel, irrigation lake, methane tank).
9. Reclaim land from the sea and saline-alkali soil improvement.

Production Standards
GB 27789-2011 Thermoplastic Polyolefin Sheets for Waterproofing

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