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Waterproof Geomembrane with Self-adhesive Layer

The waterproof geomembrane with self-adhesive layer consists of PVC/PE/EVA/ECB/TPO polymer sheet, self adhesive material, separation liner and geocomposite.

Benefited from the double endowments of polymer membranes and self-adhesive membranes, this civil engineering waterproof cover has significantly improved puncture resistance, weatherability, self-healing capability, and temperature resistance.

1. Thickness of N type: 1.2mm,1.5mm, 2.0mm.
2. Thickness of PY type: 2.0mm, 3.0mm, 4.0mm.

1. Greater economic value: puncture resistance, fatigue resistance, anti-aging, more cost-effective than other materials.
2. Greater social value​​: no heat welding, no heat sealing, thereby reducing energy consumption; waterproofing is based on ordinary physical changes, does not produce any toxic substances, more environmentally friendly.
3. Upgraded construction method: low requirement on base surface conditions enables construction on wet base. Convenient construction not subject to the weather effectively shortens the construction period.
4. Upgraded waterproof mechanism: tight with base surface, strong binding power and comformability, which can effectively prevent crossflow.

The waterproof geomembrane with self-adhesive layer is mainly used for industrial and constructional waterproofing of concrete roof, cellar, subway tunnel, bomb shelter, grain depot and landfill.

Production Standards
1. GB/T 23260-2009 Waterproof Sheet with Self-Adhering Layer
2. GB/T26518-2011 Polymer Reinforced Composite Waterproof Sheet
3. GB/T23457-2009 Pre-applied and Wet Installed Waterproof Sheets

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