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Geosynthetic Clay Layer

The geosynthetic clay layer is a new geocomposite, made from two layers of geotextiles with natural sodium in between. It shares all the characteristics of geotechnical material, while having excellent waterproof, impermeable performance. The features include:

1. Swell when meet water, good compactness.
2. Long term watertightness, environmentally friendly.
3. Separation, reinforcement, protection, filtration and easy for construction.

1. GCL-NP needle punched series; GCL-OF overlay film series; GCL-AH adhesive series.
2. Unit weight: ≥4000g/m2
3. Width: 4m-6m

The geosynthetic clay layer is mainly used in the following areas:
1. Municipal project: underground construction of subway, building and waterproofing of roof water tank.
2. Environmental sanitation: solid waste landfill, sewage treatment, industrial waste disposal.
3. Water conservancy: waterproofing, leakage block and reinforcement of reservoirs and dams
4. Artificial lake, golf course and fish pond waterproofing.
5. Petrochemical and mineral industrial waterproofing.

Production Standards
JC/T193-2006 Geosynthetic Clay Liner

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