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Composite Drainage Geomembrane

Made from polymer resin, the composite drainage geomembrane is a waterproof and drainage material with three-dimensional space and certain support stiffness. Liquids and gases can go freely through it. It is characterized by being resistant to chemical corrosion, plant roots puncture and has the advantage of simple installation

This polymer geocomposite has both waterproof and drainage functions to fit in diversified applications. You can easily use it to build out the aerial layer to form drainage and exhaust passages, to achieve noise and vibration isolation function.

1. Sheet material: EVA, HDPE etc.
2. Dimple height: 8mm,12mm and 20mm.
3. Thickness: 0.8mm to 2.0mm.
4. Width: 2m to 3m.
5. Composite layer: non woven geotextile.
6. Length could be made according to your request.

The composite drainage geomembrane is an ideal material for:
1. road, rail tunnel waterproofing system;
2. underground water system;
3. green planting roof of the basement of building;
4. drainage works of buildings and roof gardens.

Production Standards
1. GB 18173.1-2012, Polymer Waterproof Materials—Part 1: Waterproof Sheet
2. JC/T2112-2012, Plastic Board for Drainage and Protection

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