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Triplanar Composite Geonet for Drainage

The triplanar composite geonet for drainage consists of needle punched nonwoven geotextile and 3D geonet. It is a new type of civil engineering drainage material.

The geotextile-geonet composite combines the functions of geotextile (filtration) and geonet (drainage and reinforcement), thus forms a filtration-drainage-maintenance system. Its unique 3D structure provides strong supportive strength. So the triplanar compositegeonet is able to withstand high pressure loads and achieve fast drainage. Furthermore, the geocomposite not only shows good resistance to corrosion, acid and alkali, but also plays roles in isolation and foundation reinforcement.

1. Geonet thickness: 5mm-8mm
2. Width: 2m-4m
3. Nonwoven geotextile unit weight is normally 200g/m2. The geotextile can be:
a. needle punched polyester geotextile;
b. bonded continuous filament non woven geotextile;
c. high strength polypropylene geotextile.
Length can be produced according to your request.

Landfill drainage, roadbed and road drainage, railway drainage, tunnel drainage, underground structure drainage, the retaining back wall drainage, gardens and sports grounds drainage.

Production Standards
CJ/T 2012 Composite Geonet for Landfill

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