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Self-adhesive Geomembrane

The self-adhesivegeomembrane is a high-performance geotechnical waterproof roll consisting of imported cross-laminated film and self-adhesive rubber bitumen glue.

The waterproof coil has excellent physical properties, high tear strength and dimensional stability. Moreover, the laminated self-adhesive geomembrane is not particular about the condition of the base. Even on moist or uneven base surface, the construction can still be carried out without base coat and pretreatment. The construction freedom shortens construction period.

1. Thickness: 1.2mm-2.0mm
2. Width: 1m-2m
3. Length: as per your request

1. Firmly bonded. In case of any local damage, water leakage will be limited to a small range without crossflow, which makes it easy for maintenance.
2. Unique self-healing performance, automatically heal small cracks.
3. Simple and efficient construction. According to the site conditions, you may choose to use wet-laid or dry laid process. The construction is simple and quick.

For waterproofing treatment of industrial and civil cellar, underground structure, platform, square floor, roof garden, terrace, roof, etc.

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