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Geotextile-Geomembrane Composites

The geotextile-geomembrane composite is a flexible geotechnical composite consisting of nonwoven geotextile and PE/PVC geomembrane. In addition to separation, drainage, reinforcement and protection, the composite geomembrane also functions for enclosing and waterproofing purposes.

The combination comes in 4 forms:
1. geotextile and geomembrane;
2. geomembrane with nonwoven geotextile on both sides;
3. nonwoven geotextile with geomembrane on both sides;
4. multi-layer geotextile and geomembrane.
a. One geotextile and one geotextile - geotextile: 100-800g/m2, geomembrane 0.1-1.0mm.
b. Geomembrane with geotextile on both sides - geotextile: 100-400g/m2, geomembrane: 0.2-1.0mm
c. Geotextile with geomembrane on both sides - geotextile: 100-800g/m2, geomembrane: 0.1-0.8mm

The geotextile - geomembrane composite is an ideal impermeable material, widely used on channels, dikes, reservoirs, dangerous dams, rockfill dams and transportation tunnels as reinforcement.

Production Standards
GB/T17642-2008, Geosynthetics - Geocomposites Made of Geononwoven and Geomembrance

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