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Waterproof CPE Geomembrane

Made from special polymer chlorinated polyethylene(CPE), the waterproof CPE geomembrane is a professional waterproof coil for bridges of high-speed rails. It is a new type of high-end waterproof material targeted on the concrete bridge deck.

The bridge geomembrane is excellent in resistance to weather, ozone, aging, and changes in ambient temperature. It works normally in temperatures ranging from -40 ℃ to 120 ℃.

1. Thickness: 1.5mm-3.0mm
2. Width: 2m-4m
3. Length: as per your request

The waterproof CPE geomembrane is an ideal choice for railways, concrete bridges and bridges of dedicated passenger lines.

Production Standards
1. TB/T2965-2011 Technical Specification for Waterproof Layer of Railway Concrete Bridge
2. Technical 2007-NO.56 Request of Bridge Waterproof Layer for Special Passenger Transport Lines
3. GB/T12953-2003 CPE Waterproof Geomembrane

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