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HDPE Smooth Geomembrane

The HDPE smooth geomembrane is an eco-friendly geomembrane made from virgin resin through blow molding process. It is flat and smooth on both sides. This geomembrane liner can adapt to a variety of adverse geological and climatic conditions, particularly suitable for projects on unevenly settled geological areas.

The advantages include:
1. Excellent heat and cold resistance, wide range of service temperature: -70℃ to 110℃.
2. Good resistance to chemical corrosion, weathers and aging.
3. High tensile strength and elongation.

1. Thickness: 1.0mm-3.0mm
2. 4m-9m width, length as per your request.

The HDPE smooth geomembrane can be employed in:
1. Municipal environmental project: landfill treatment, sewage treatment.
2. Anti-seepage, anti-corrosion projects in metallurgical and petrochemical industries.
3. Anti-seepage, anti-pollution projects in petrochemical industry: tailings disposal, red mud heap treatment.
4. Ash dam anti-seepage, anti-pollution, anti-corrosion projects.
5. Prefabrication of temporary container and special component that serve for anti-seepage, anti-corrosion, anti-leakage, reinforcement, and leachate collection purposes.

Production Standards
1. GB/T17643-2011. Polyethylene Geomembrane
2. CJ/T234-2006. High Density Polyethylene Geomembrane for Landfills
3. GRI-GM13. in full compliance with current U.S. standards

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