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LDPE Geomembrane

The LDPE geomembrane is an impermeable insulation product made from LDPE, LLDPE and EVA through blow molding process. As a geotechnical engineering material, it has the following features:

1. good ductility;
2. small specific gravity;
3. low temperature resistance;
4. excellent thermal insulation effect;
5. waterproof performance;
6. easy for welding.

1. Thickness: 0.1mm-3.0mm
2. 4m-9m width, length as per your request.
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The LDPE geomembrane is widely used in agriculture and aquaculture industries:

1. Channels, ponds and other agricultural irrigation anti-seepage projects.
2. Lotus pond and fish pond and other aquaculture industries.
3. Made into composite geomembrane with geotextile.

Production Standards
1. GB/T17643-2011. Polyethylene Geomembrane
2. JT/T 518-2004. Geosynthetics in Highway Engineerings - Geomembranes

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