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Polyester Fiberglass Geotextile

The polyester fiberglass geotextile is a new composite fiberglass cracking-resistant material, made of GE fiber and PET fiber by special composite process.

In asphalt concrete construction, this geotechnical engineering fabric can withstand high temperature and keep its original form without distortion or shrinkage. It also has good tensile strength, so it can effectively prevent cracking phenomenon. When mixed with asphalt, the polyester fabric shows good compatibility, effectively distribute the concentrated stress at joints and cracks, preventing the expansion and upward reflection of the crack. In this way, the polyester fiberglass geotextile prolongs the life of the road, reducing the cost of repair and maintenance.

Tensile strength: 5kN/m-8kN/m

1. Cement concrete road reconstruction.
2. Old road reconstruction and extension project.
3. Asphalt concrete overlaying.
4. Municipal road overlaying project.
5. Semi-rigid base shrinkage crack disposal.
6. Bridge deck waterproof layer.

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