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PP/PE Woven Geotextile

The PP/PE woven geotextile is a PP or PE-based civil engineering woven fabric. It shows very strong tensile strength in both lengthwise and widthwise directions, as well as excellent stability. It is lightweight and easy for construction, with reinforcement, protection, drainage filtration, fencing functions.

1. 90g/m2-400 g/m2
2. Roll width: 4m-6m

The PP/PE woven geotextile mainly has the following functions:

1. Reinforcement:
for highways, railways, airports, dams, breakwaters, retaining wall backfills, side weirs and other earthwork projects-disperse soil stress, increase soil modulus, limit soil pieces slip, and improve stability.

2. Protection:
to prevent embankment from wind, wave, tide, rain erosion, and prevent revetment, slope, river bottom from soil erosion.

3. Filtration:
used as the filter cloth for embankment, dam, river, as well as coastal rock, slope, retaining wall, to prevent sand grains from going through, while allowing free passage of water or air.

Production Standards
1. GB/T17690-1999 Geosynthetics - Plastic Woven Film Yarn Geotextile
2. JT/T 514-2004 Geosynthetics in Highway Engineerings - Woven Geotextiles

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