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Wet Laid Nonwovens

The wet laid nonwovens are paper-like nonwoven fabrics. They are made from natural fiber and synthetic fiber by wet laying process. Because the fiber arrangement is random and almost isotropic, the web is excellent in uniformity and filtration. Moreover, the wet laid nonwoven fabric is good at thermal insulation and flame retardancy, so it also functions in the following areas:

1. heat, moisture absorption;
2. deodorization;
3. anti-bacteria;
4. preservation;
5. electrical insulation.

40g/m2-250g/m2. Welcome to contact us for more information.

The wet laid nonwovens are mainly used in the following fields:

1. Industrial filtration:
filter fabric for food, air, fuel, waste gas and fog.

2. Civil engineering:
geotextile, insulation material, heat-resistant material, waterproof material, tar felt base fabric.

3. Automotive industry:
carburetor filter, air filter, insulation blanket, fire blanket, molding materials, decorative composite materials.

4. Home decor and clothing:
clothing lining, dust-proof clothing, protective clothing, dust mask, artificial leather, insole leather, vacuum cleaner filter bag, shopping bag, sofa cloth, etc.

5. Agriculture and horticulture:
mulch fabric, nursery cloth, anti-pest cloth, anti-frost cloth, soil thermal insulation cloth.

6. Medical and health care:
disposable surgical gown, cap, mask; patient bed sheet, pillowcase, bandage, etc.

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