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Textured Geotextile

The textured geotextile is an anti-skid geotechnical cloth with comparatively high coefficient of friction. It is made by nonwoven, roughening process. The product is prominent with surface roughness and great stability, so in geotechnical engineering, it is an excellent choice for anti-skid applications.

The features include:
1. Resistance to UV, freezing cold, chemical corrosion and biological destruction.
2. Moderate thickness, good ability of asphalt impregnation, good waterproof and thermal insulation effect.
3. Hard to shrink, to avoid potential heat-shrinkage under high temperature asphalt layer.

120g/m2-300g/m2. To know more, please contact us.

The textured geotextile is mainly used in:
1. Water conservancy project on dam and river embankment.
2. Roadbed construction of highway, railway and airport runway.
3. Landfill and other environmental protection projects

In highway pavement, the anti-skid non woven fabric improves the binding force between the surface layer and the base layer, prevents coiling and damage by wheels, and inhibits paver’s skiding on the cloth.

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