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Self Fertilizing Geotextile

The self fertilizing geotextile is a PROT, L or other natural fiber-based nonwoven geotextile, consisting of nonwoven layer and nutrition layer. It is an ecological restoration filter fabric laid under concrete blocks. Through filtration function, it provides long-term slow-release fertilizer for plant growth. The nutrition geotextile is a solution to fertilizer shortage due to limited filing space within concrete structure.

The features include:
1. Larger mesh size, good adhesion to soil particles.
2. Tear resistant soft fiber, good deformability.
3. Good drainage capacity, eliminate excess water.
4. Soft surface, good protection performance.
5. Loss reduction by forbidding pass of fine particles.


The self fertilizing geotextile is mainly used in:
1. Various landscape projects of municipal construction.
2. Landscape projects for river bank and river dike.
3. All kinds of ecological restoration projects.

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