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Needle Punched PP Nonwoven Geotextile

The needle punched PP nonwoven geotextile is made from ultra high strength PP staple fiber by non-woven process. Its physical and mechanical property values are 2 to 3 times higher than conventional products. Same weight of polypropylenenonwoven fabric will have lower specific gravity. Moreover, this geotextile fabric is excellent in acid and alkali resistance, hot melt adhesion, and abrasion resistance.

The PPnonwoven geotextile has functions of isolation, reinforcement, protection, filtration, drainage, cushioning, etc. It is commonly adopted by passenger dedicated railway lines as part of sliding layer or separating layer between CRTS II non-ballasted track and other parts. The purpose is to reduce the interaction them.

1. SNGPP100-SNGPP1200
2. Roll width: 2m-6m
3. Length: as per your request

1. Road, railway, port, airport construction.
2. Tidal flat, land reclamation.
3. Environmental protection projects.

Production Standards
HSPP-2009-88. Construction Technology of High Speed Rail CRTS-Ⅱ Non-Ballasted Track Sliding Layer

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