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Nonwoven Geotextile for Pipeline Protection

The nonwoven geotextile for pipeline protection is the corrosion resistant glass fiber base material of buried steel pipe which used for transporting oil and natural gas. It features high strength, good flexibility, uniform thickness, solvent resistance and water vapor resistance, non perishable and flame retardant , also has good compatibility of enamel paint and asphalt. The C-PM nonwoven geotextile for oil and gas transportation pipeline has excellent anti-permeability and is resistant to a variety of environmental medium, which makes the service life of the pipeline extending to 50-60 years, and can reduce the cost of maintenance and replacement significantly. C-PM series of glass fiber textiles have reached and exceeded the technical requirements of the SY/T0079 Standard of the Natural Gas Industry Standard of China, and also has reached the AWWA C-203 Standard of ASCE (the American Society of Civil Engineers). This kind of nonwoven geotextile is an ideal wraparound sleeve of coal tar coating and enamel paint coating.

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